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Fourteen-year-old Annie Cameron lives in suburban Chicago. When she meets Charlie in an online chat room, she establishes an instant connection with him. Over time, as the two bond by sending phone text messages and through instant messaging, he bumps his age up to 20, then 25.Annie is taken aback at first, but comes to believe that the two of them are in love.The private investigation proves fruitless, as it is discovered Charlie masks his IP address so his location shows up as the Czech Republic.

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The next day, Annie tries to move on with her life by participating in her school's volleyball game.

There, Will sees a man in the crowd taking pictures, whom Will recognizes as a registered sex offender.

After two months of communicating electronically, Charlie invites Annie to meet him at the mall.

While her parents are dropping off Annie's brother at college, Annie goes to the mall and awaits her first face-to-face meeting with Charlie.

The critical consensus states "Director David Schwimmer gets some gut-wrenching performances out of his actors but he still lacks the chops to fully ratchet up story tension." Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film four stars out of four and stated in his review "The bravest thing about David Schwimmer's "Trust" is that it doesn't try to simplify.