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Column #04 Florida I’m in Jacksonville Florida, camping out in a Starbucks about two miles from the hotel I’m staying in, which is packed with people getting ready for 2018.Last night, I was in a large banquet room, which I think because of the recent storm, is now the restaurant and bar. I watched people drink and yell at the top of their lungs at the football game broadcasting on a huge wall mounted screen. ” a man bellowed over and over, trying to get others to join in. 2017 was easily the most interesting year I’ve experienced in America since 2009, the start of the Obama administration. Between Trump, his family and the Republican party, he is, ironically, the one who has kept it real.Liza is known for her exceptionally diverse musical vocabulary, and her current radio show displays that with a wild blend of all genres including dance music, indie rock, deep cuts, retro roots and party jams from around the world.

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President, I have to say you are living up to everything I thought you would. If you stop and think about it, this president hasn’t even been in office for a year and look at all the things he’s been able to get done.

You are one heck of a leader, and we’re all benefiting from it. I hope we get behind him every way we can and we’ll get this country turned around in ways that will benefit the whole world. And we are going to make this the greatest presidency we have seen, not only in generations, but maybe ever. He is a career politician, who at some point, thought he could be president. However, he just incinerated all of that in a couple of statements. What Hatch said is demonstrative of where the Republican party is now and how much Trump has transformed it. Hatch spent forty years in the Senate, only to blow out near the end of his political life with reputation annihilating statements such as these.

Ever since I wasn’t young any more, I realized that they are always the ones to look to. It took two cramped flights to get to Jacksonville.

In November, I hope that as many as are legally able to do so, vote. I have thirty three shows in six countries starting on 01-01-18.

Liza Richardson hosts a weekend evening jam session featuring cosmic rock, scenic techno soul, dub disco-punk and extra classic party explosives from around the world. So many conflicts and wars, enemies and combatants that’ve parted the nation’s people, only to have the country brought together again. Whatever your belief – and there are some strong beliefs – the nation has turned to healing and unity through music.