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XD Kidding// She can make magic and she came to the island to cause trouble because she was bored. She likes grass and toadstools x D To find her you need to pay Ganon 10,000 G to build the bridge to the West side of the island. Upgrading the Roads: I f you really want to make your town fancy and popular, you might want to upgrade the roads. It turns the main roads from dirt roads, to stone roads.

The truth is, she came to the island because she didn`t have much fans anymore. Her birthday is Winter 12 Rival: Vaughn Witch Princess: She`s EVIL!!!! This may of happened to you: You hear about these cool places you get on the island! The third and last bridge you unlock leads to a wild forest where you meat Shea and Wada.

Some characters' arrivals give a bonus in percentage increase, such as Gannon's extra 3%.

New villagers may arrive for some of the following reasons: Eight roads and three bridges can be built on the island.

It does cost alot though.(Read my money guide below) Barn: You can`t get animals until you pay Ganon to build a barn. Buying an Animal Barn: You can`t have cows or sheep until you buy this. Taro will present you with a free pet cow when you buy this.