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We need to talk about it more, it needs to be a part of our lives, like it once was in the times of the Vikings, for without darkness there cannot be light, without sadness there cannot be happiness, and without death we cannot experience life.2.

Of course we want to aid and help and provide something to our fellow man, but many of us, though the times don’t allot us the same violent victory, want to rise up, literally, standing on the bodies of our enemies, sitting on the throne, leading the warriors who fight for us and beside us conquering an unjust ruler and promising to be a just one. To see something you’ve worked so hard at for so long come together and begin to grow and help and be of some service to the people you’re trying to benefit is a wondrous feeling.

You conqueror; one who has come so close to death on so many occasions that you’ve accepted it’s inevitability which has allowed you to live as men were always meant to live? What if you killed and escaped death and worked your way up the ranks of your village to become its leader, its king, now able to do more for your people than the previous leader ever dared?

They did what wasn’t supposed to be done but as a culture they didn’t think of it like that. The Vikings, and other warrior cultures Don’t ever ask for advice. Dabble in the others stuff, you don’t have to go completely Paleo (I’m in Italy right now and I’m on the opposite of Paleo diet), you still have to How you die is a story that’s already written, or so the Vikings believed. We don’t have control over how we die, so why run from it? Why not take risks in business, or with love, or with adventure? Guys who have to daily persist through physical labor and pain develop a thick skin, literally, and grit to accompany it. One thing I’ve done in my life is simple, and it’s something anyone can do: Always take the hard way. You just take the harder road instead of the easier one.

There’s a compass inside of you that knows what to do, where to go, who to be. It seemed to work for the Vikings who had a diet high in meat and vegetables and were massive. Look at their physical development versus the English, whose population grew forcing them to eat food of a lesser quality, or the Asians who were even smaller and had less body hair who ate more soy (estrogenic) and more rice. If your fate is already sealed that girl’s “yes” or “no” is as well, so who gives a rat’s ass if it’s a no, or if you fail in business, or die on an epic adventure out into the wilderness. Fear doesn’t benefit a man, it only hinders his quality of life and his capacity of greatness.6. The Vikings lived in a very harsh climate where it was hard to grow crops and build colonies and survive. They key to becoming a “hard man” is the repetitive, constant harshness that a climate provides and a workout can’t. It’s awesome, it builds toughness, but a climate never relents. Always take stairs not elevators or escalators, for example.

There was a time when the TV remote wasn’t yet invented and the sword was handled in its stead.

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    We would meet in the middle, at Deming, NM, on the weekends. In the last week, I left my job, put all my belongings in storage, and went on the road with him and his job.

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    Dombeck, My husband and I are in marriage counseling for his affairs. However, resist the urge to over-pathologize, I think.

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    We won’t make generalisations, assumptions or pass judgement.

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