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This will never clear up until he says something and apparently he has no intention of doing that.

Another vote for Jake 'I REFUSE to come out' Gyllenhaal.

The most embarrasingly closeted gay celeb is Queen Latifah hands down. What possible harm could it to to him personally or professionally at this point?

Yet he still did that interview a couple years ago where he denied it. Ever since Gyllenhaal got with Taylor Swift, it has to be him.

They're selling a lifestyle most of the time, a brand. Since I've yet to see BBM, that certainly doesn't influence my thinking about Gyllenhaal. Has there been rumors about him being in gay relationships? Not technically "proof" but at least it's something. It's just the opinion I have from interpreting different interviews etc. why the hell are you here if you don't like gossip? Of course we'll believe that every celebrity is gay, what do you expect? Besides, I think it's kinda lames and moronic to come to a gay gossip site and ask for proof, would it really be gossip anymore? Please just crawl back to the fangirl cave where you came from, and let us get on with the gossiping. Anderson behaves on the air that he has never had any interest in any human being.