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For a list of the school closures, visit this county council page, but many academies are not on the list so check with the school if it is not on the list.Cherwell District Council said the snow and staffing shortages means a number of leisure centres are closed or running limited services.

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often sailed close to the legal wind, trying to dodge these emergency laws and inform the public about what was really going on in South Africa.

The country was in a state of barely suppressed civil war as more and more people challenged the authority of the apartheid government.

But the paper also covered less explosive issues, such as a developing multiracial culture and the vibrant music and art of the time.

It introduced many vital new voices to readers and set up a training programme for a new generation of South African journalists. It would keep that name, now a well-established brand in the Southern African media landscape, after 2002, when Zimbabwean media entrepreneur Trevor Ncube took over ownership of the company.

In recent years, continues to be a thorn in the side of gravy-train politicians with reports on Oilgate, the police chief and more.