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What I am saying is that you should stop giving a free pass to every cute guy who doesn’t call in a timely fashion…and start valuing the very guys who make you feel special. I’ve had two experiences when the guys were in love within 2-3 weeks of nothing but phone calls and e-mails, not yet meeting, and not really even knowing me. I’ve had the flip side where they start to pull away, send mixed signals, or become ambivalent, and it made me anxious, and no matter how hard I tried to stifle that I’m sure the vibe was there.

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Now flaring CATALINE and had a big mirror fight, which was extraordinary to see for 15 minutes, then I put paper wall between them. Sometimes you just have to have your fish for a week before you name it just to see what it’s traits are like.

Still swim while wiggling, I think he also had breeding defect, can’t see me until tilts his head sidewise, then makes himself straight again., mostly wiggles, rather swimming, just like EMERALD. – When came was so happy built a bubble nest immediately, but with last change of 100 % water, he is kind of sick, very lethargic, although eating, mostly floating, not swimming, but didn’t have bulgy stomach either. I’ve had bad luck with betta fish an they seem to always die on me. I named my Bettas all with names starting with the letter B.

Went to a couple of different places just to choose the most beautiful male I defined.

Initially I wanted to save a beta fish from the Walmart but I decided to go with a different one because it probably is healthier from somewhere else.

He can flare to others but not very often, Quiet guy, but loves food, but not lazy. – Black-red Double tail Halfmoon — — mixture of garnet and dark lapiz color, more black shade of blue.