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This way, you will have less code to maintain, will be able to adapt your software more easily and if the type of bar codes required changes, you might be able to support it right away instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Excel is such a powerful tool that almost all companies make extensive use of it for analyzing data.

The Excel file is then added to the Data Source folder in ASAP. To connect to a certain database, a connection string is needed. The transparency that the Ole DB connection had made is exceptional.

Also, note that the first row is taken to contain field names for the columns.

The following code snippet makes use of the various Excel objects that Excel provides to generate the report. Then the active sheet is accessed by xl Work Sheet = xl Work Book. After that, we get the data into the dataset, ready to be processed. Excel is powerful tool, but in real world development you rarely have Microsoft Office installed on your web server. NET that creates or modifies Excel documents on the fly.