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They also are more likely to have diabetes than whites or Asian groups.They have more than twice the rate of diabetes and are more than 5.7 times likely to die of it than whites.Frustrated in an under-performing Mc Laren team, the former world champion has found his gung-ho driving style subject to unprecedented criticism from racing greats including Sir Jackie Stewart, who spoke of his ' questionable moves', and Niki Lauda, who claimed: 'He's a danger to his peers.' Hamilton is based in Geneva, hundreds of miles from his parents in the Home Counties, and it has been suggested that a life lived largely on his own can only exacerbate the huge mental strains of racing at 180mph-plus.

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That affects the cost of medical care in Hawaii, which is increasing rapidly.

The fact that Native Hawaiians have the highest rate of diabetes and die earlier than other groups will have an impact on the medical programs for them, which will need to be both in prevention and treatment, as well as the demographics of the island, as Asians are impacted least and are growing steadily in population from both birth rate and immigration.

Like other tourist spots, however, there are things tourists seldom see.

The Hawaiians shown in Waikiki shows aren't the rank and file of people but those entertainers who have made a modicum of a living but who often have family members and roots of poverty.

Both are at the very top of their respective careers.