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Sure, it made me laugh but that’s beside the point. Sure the answer was a little obvious but like I said in one of the earlier posts, sometimes the funniest joke is the most obvious one.

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Of course, my solution for that has always been to pop open another beer so many the answer isn’t so bad after all. Rumor Has It I remember all sorts of strange rumors going around about be back in high school.

Answering a Question with a Question Sometimes while browsing through Yahoo Answers, I wonder if people just post whatever thoughts pop into their heads. It does seem, however, that the best answer makes the most sense. Heck, I still hear odd rumors about myself going around on a regular basis.

I’m not even sure how that would work or what the point would be.

Clearly this person should’ve been home schooled because based on her schoolmates intellect and deductive reasoning, I’d have to imagine she would’ve gotten a better education at home.

If they’re leering at you and staring at you butt, they’re probably telling you they find your appearance appealing on a physical level. Even so, the answer to the question really made me chuckle.

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    To help you take your first steps into this world, we’ll look here at a selection of the endless ways that Colombians talk about attraction, dating, getting together and falling apart.

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