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The Blood-Splattered Bride OVER BLACK We hear labored breathing. Nothing wrong with the name Charlie, except he didn't look like a Charlie, he looked like an Arthur. Speaking of names, I was about two seconds away from becoming Mrs. The Housewife scrambles up on her feet, but is caught by a FLYING TACKLE from behind by The Bride that sends them both into........ VERNITA There's a baseball diamond where our little league has its games, about a mile from here. TWO SHOT YUKI AND BUSINESS SUIT Yuki focused, Business Suit penetrated... We see YUKI dressed in her Japanese private schoolgirl outfit with white blouse, plaid skirt, bobby socks, blazer, and barrettes in her hair, flying on a jet enroute to Los Angeles. PHOTO: Yuki posing with a The Bride walking celebrityshe's bumped into. Yuki behind the velvet ropes of a Hollywood premiere with the other fans. Doing a Bonnie and Clyde-style pose with a Captain Hook. CU YUKI CU The BRIDE walking, stalking, and walking through LAX. SPLIT SCREEN (CONT'D) YUKI'S SIDE THE BRIDE'S SIDE We see Yuki is tailing the We see The Bride is Bride through LAX.

And about four DEAD BODIES lying in their own blood. S.) No Kiddo at this moment, this is me at my most masochistic. CU A PLUMP YOUNG WOMAN, shot to death, wedding bouquet still clutched in her dead fist. Blood and sweat dript off of the faces of the two women locked in life and death combat...... When The back kitchen door opens, and a FOUR-YEAR-OLD LITTLE GIRL, carrying a lunch box steps inside. The two warrior women whose eyes reflect only combat concentration, suddenly switch upon hearing the four-year old's voice. THE HOUSEWIFE Now baby, you can't come in here, there's broken glass all over the floor, and you gonna cut yourself. THE HOUSEWIFE Nikki, *(BLEEP)* aked you a question. The two women turn to face each other, masquerade and combat both finished. Failure to keep our date, or duplicity of any kind, will result in me putting a xoxo hollow point bullet into the back of your skull from a window of a building across the street from Nikki's elementary school. She climbs into her big, yellow pickup truck, with the words "Pussy Wagon" written across the flatbed's hatch door in a pimpy font. CAMERA MOVES UP TO Orderly's face, leading two TRUCKDRIVERS. Her arms spinning the wheels as she goes down the line of cars, looking for a pickup truck that Buck would own..stops. The ass end of a big, yellow 4x4 hard-body pickup truck, with flames painted along the side, and the words, "PUSSY WAGON," written along the flat-bed hatch door. Seemingly out of danger - at least out of sight - but she's still stuck hiding in the hospital. But as fated by God vengeance would have it, I who knew nothing - knew one thing. WE MOVE FAST TO O-REN ISHII'S SILHOUETTE, The SILHOUETTE BECOMES A POSED PICTURE OF O-REN in all her Deadly Viper glory. O.) (continued) ...O-Ren Ishii, the first name on my Death List, was still alive... O-Ren Ishii, made her first acquaintance with death at the age of eleven. O-Ren moves out of the position she's stood in for the entire battle. A WHITE WINTER WONDERLAND, set against a Jet Black sky. O-REN when her Sword is fully unsheathed, the Japanese combat artist holds both arms straight out at her sides, Sword in one hand - Wood sheath in the other, like a bird.... You may not be able to fight like a samurai, but you can at least die like a samurai. The respect for the Bride's ability is transparent. Red Blood running down Yellow Legs onto Yellow Sneakers... EX CU THE HANZO SWORD is returned back to its sheath.

Then a MAN'S VOICE talks over the breathing; MAN'S VOICE (O. CUT TO: BLACK AND WHITE CU of a WOMAN lying on the floor, looking up. Starting with a plate featuring Cripis Atkins in the revolutionary war, negro troops in union blue during the civil war, Buffalo soldiers fighting Indians, the Jim Crow troops of the first world war, the colored troops of world war two, Korea, Vietnam, and finally Colin Powell.... Vernita says to the Bride across the table furiously but with low volume; VERNITA Look bitch, I need to know if you're gonna start anymore shit around my baby girl! I'm not going to murder you in front of your daughter. THE BRIDE Bill said you were one of the best ladies he'd ever seen with an edged weapon. The little girl sees her mother dead on the floor, lying in her own blood. The Bride seems to look inside her own mind - Whenever she does this A SPECIAL THEME MUSIC WILL PLAY (We'll call it her REMEMBERING THEME). She looks down at Buck and says; THE BRIDE Your name's Buck, right? A "how the fuck does she know look," crosses his face. The VENGEANCE THEME BEGINS PLAYING LOUDLY ON The SOUNDTRACK, and the VEIN IN HER FOREHEAD BECOMES PRONOUNCED and begins to PULSATE IN TIME WITH The MUSIC. An OLDER JAPANESE MAN in a business suit sits next to her at the bar..puts the make on her. Yuki staring out into space, says with a drunken voice; YUKI (JAPANESE) Ferrari... She slowly turns to face the older Japanese man in the business suit. The man in the business suit giggles at her boldness; she gets annoyed; YUKI (JAPANESE) Don't laugh! YUKI (JAPANESE) How bout now, big boy, do you still wish to penetrate me... BACK TO SOFIE SOFIE (JAPANESE) When she stops shedding tears, she'll start shedding blood. SOFIE (JAPANESE) I don't hafta guess, she'll come after you. We see Yuki behind the wheel of the sports car, driving as fast as she can through the twists and turns of the Hollywood Hills, laughing all the way.

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EX CU: A long, white female finger pushes a doorbell. RESIDENTIAL PASADENA STREET - DAY The front door opens and an attractive black HOUSEWIFE the same age as The Bride stands in the doorway. Once it entered your bloodstream, you no longer had a choice. S.; ENGLISH) -- But still -- nothing, except my aching heart over what she's done to my beautiful and brilliant Sofie. BACK TO THE BRIDE AT THE TRUNK THE BRIDE (ENGLISH) I'm allowing you to keep your wicked life for one reason and one reason only. The motel is located on a Hawthorne residential street. SPLIT SCREEN (CONT'D) YUKI'S SIDE THE BRIDE'S SIDE Yuki loading an Israel The Bride, on the phone, compact sub-machine gun booking her flight out that lays on her plaid of LA to Texas, as she skirt lap. The Bride carries her stuff, the Hanzo sword, her money in a backpack, and her other stuff in a canvas duffle bag. Weapon She carries the stuff locked,loaded, and ready. Yuki gets out of the car YUKI'S POV: We see the and heads for the Bride from a distance, oblivious Bride. Cu Yuki walking towards the YUKI'S POV: Approaching Bride. A camera behind Yuki as she walks, holding the sub-machine gun behind her back. The Bride aims her 9mm where she expects Yuki to emerge. She yells from the doorway into the hallway; YUKI (JAPANESE) You fucking bitch! They're not fully developed yet, you fucking asshole! The Bride answers Yuki back with an imitation of Yuki's giggle, which makes the youngin blow her top. She fires her machine gun around the corner, tearing up everything around the Bride.

WE FADE TO BLACK BLACK FRAME TITLE APPEARS: Chapter one "2" CUT TO: EX CU The BRIDE's EYEBALL IN GLORIOUS COLOR WE CUT OUT ONE... A mailbox with the name "The BELLS" on it sits out in front of the lawn. SUBTITLE APPEARS AT SCREEN BOTTOM: "The city of PASADENA, CALIFORNIA" We hear a Car Door Open and Close.... The Bride Walks into the shot, heading for the front door. Yuki charges up the stairs...machine gun blazing, tearing up the house.

* The shy, suspicious little girl doesn't say anything, she just stares at the blond lady. Turns on the truck's engine and drives out of the residential district. OVER BLACK TITLE CARD: Chapter two The comatose Bride FADE UP ON CU The comatose Bride lying in her hospital bed, wide open unblinking sightless eyes, that constantly stare yet see nothing. WE DO A SHAW BROTHERS STYLE QUICK ZOOM INTO A CU OF HER FACE. Her hand goes down to her belly, unly to find it not swollen but flat. She duplicates her comatose eyes-wide-open-fixed stare. Except knowing she's awake, and sees everything in front of her, creates a slightly different effect. SHOCK CUT O-REN ON TOP OF BOSS MATSUMOTO PLUNGING A HUGE KNIFE INTO HIS CHEST. Her hands grab a pair of CHERRY BROWN COWBOY BOOTS. She drives, stopping at a DEPARTMENT STORE, and walking inside. She cries for all the innocent people at the wedding chapel, who died simply because they were unlucky enough to cross her path... O-REN (JAPANESE) As last looks go, you could do worse. Both Women are out of breath and have to stop to recuperate. The BRIDE behind the wheel wearing her crash helmet.