Frog dating

What can they possible know about the lovable old me in that time?

Nevertheless, however counter intuitive it may have been, I quickly learned that Speed Dating is remarkably efficient.

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Of course, we must always remember that we are all someone else’s hopeless person.

Now things are moving on rapidly and there are likely to be more unattached older people who are in some way active in the market than not.

It is a bit like someone who has sent off one job application and after not being appointed concluding that there are no jobs available.

As with job applications expectations need to be tempered by a little dose of realism but if there was a metric for how many meetings would be needed to secure a worthwhile relationship and my entirely subjective assessment would be to work on about fifteen, who would not persist on the grounds that the sooner I have met the fourteen hopeless people the better?

Once someone has found a colleague who has been successful they will quickly be keen to swap stories and become emboldened.