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Spot On Alq - well done on Italy, although in fairness that was your second attempt - seem to recall Germany was your initial stab Your the claim that they would wait for patienet feedback before rolling out, was a bit of a gaffe though.I was confused by the wording on the announcement, but I think reasonable to assume supplying the wholesalers will result in at least one sale to the end user, so taken as a given for the purposes of triggering the £4m.

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Such news doesn't happen very often - my alert didn't show, so it was a very pleasant surprise for me to visit this thread!!!

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German wholesale pricing is Euro 49.98, more or less the same out of pocket cost as Italy once you add in pharmacy and wholesale markups and VAT. No corresponding announcement from Recordati, nor are any of the healthcare professional only resources online active, so I'm guessing that they will hold off with a release until the ISSM conference.

And without wishing to micturate on anyone's French fries, delivery to wholesalers does not mean immediate prescribing so expect a lag until Recordati's promotion efforts kick in.

Excellent news for the HK market to wake up to for sure!