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In this you can label them with these two all-important tags.Doing so will up the quality of your news feed dramatically.8.You can actually download your entire Facebook history, to savour every last drunken photo, over-sharing post and your 4,387 selfies for all eternity. It includes pictures and other media as well as text-based posts.

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Shark (^^^)Middle Finger midfingNot Bad notbaadHorny 3:)3.

YOU CAN UNFRIEND SOMEONE WITHOUT LOSING ACCESS TO THEIR ACCOUNTWhen unfriending someone on Facebook classes as workplace bullying, we're all in trouble.

The category menus for emoji are far from intuitive, each contains such a mass of symbols that confusion often ensues.

Forget scanning fruitlessly; entering text shortcuts will insert the relevant emoji into your message when it's sent.

For instance, typing :poop: will add the poop emoji.