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Until we implement these features, although EF Core will be a valid option for many applications (especially on platforms like .NET Core where EF 6 does not work), for many applications the lack of these features will make EF 6 a better choice.

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Note: This page was prepared for academic customers.

Clients from the biotech / pharmaceutical / therapeutic / molecular diagnosis industries, please visit this web site instead.

We serve researchers and in diverse domains involving a wide range of organisms - from medical research using human samples or involving human patients, to animal and plant studies using model or non-model organisms, all the way to research projects focusing on microbial and viral species.

We undertake a wide variety of types of bioinformatics work, including but not limited to: processing, analyzing and interpreting high-throughput biological and medical data - with emphasis on next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and other omics data, statistical data analysis, data integration for diverse biomedical and other data types - e.g., for purposes of identifying causal relationships or other hidden information between measured variables, statistical modeling, machine learning method development and applications, metagenomics, ecology, phylogenetics, population genetics and other analyses related to evolutionary biology, data mining, customized and advanced analysis method development, specific data structure and algorithm development, informatics, database development and maintenance, software solutions, and IT and infrastructure solutions.

As with any project of this size it is difficult to predict exactly when things will land. We use the Backlog Milestone in our issue tracker to maintain a detailed list of issues and features. We tend to leave issues open that we reasonably expect we will work on at some point, or that someone of the community could tackle, but that does not imply a specific intent to resolve them in a specific timeframe until we assign them to a specific milestone as part of our release planning process.