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A few copies of the first three volumes of Wonderland are still available.

Beeswax has been re-issued on CD by Virgin Records Japan.

However, almost all of the tracks from Beeswax are available on other XTC CDs.

Send corrections, additions and the like to John Relph . It's in the freezer and I dunno if it'll ever come out again. Chalkhills was the XTC Fans mail list for the discussion of the music and recordings of XTC (the band). Chalkhills was distributed in a digest format and was moderated and administered by John Relph. Are charts, chords and/or tablature for XTC songs available? (“Ape” stands for “Andy Partridge Experiments” or “Andy Partridge Editions” or somesuch.) The Chalkhills Archives are available through the World Wide Web at “

Thanks are due to these additional contributors: Ben Abbate, Steve Banister, Klaus Bergmaier, Stephen Bruun, John M. Colin [Moulding] phoned me recently and said he wasn't interested in music any more, and it wouldn't be XTC without him. .” Virgin Records and XTC were scheduled to release a DVD of promotional videos, one or more collections of XTC songs providing an overview of their oeuvre, and the entire Virgin back catalog on CD. The Chalkhills digests were sent out irregularly, as posting volume warranted. The archives contain back issues of the Chalkhills digests, XTC lyrics, chord charts, pictures, a discography, and many other resources.

John A Lane adds: The "ludicrous New York radio station" is WBAI FM a Pacifica Foundation left-wing listener-sponsored station. Dave Mattacks, from Fairport Convention, drums on Nonsvch.