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The versions here are an attempt to save paper in its production, but have the disadvantage that they cannot be left on the coffee table.

Actually, now that tablet PCs are becoming the norm, perhaps you can?

A load of hay (obviously depending on the size of the cart) was a matter of life or death for some families.

A swarm in May would have been an enormous boon to a family lucky enough to catch one. Roy Mander, our Swarm co-ordinator, gets most calls but Keith’s name and my own pop up on peoples search for contacts and there was one “Mad Monday” in Mid May when we all were overwhelmed. Ed) That day Powys County Council passed onto me 6 members of the public who had “demanded” of PCC that they remove bees from their premises. One case of Bumble bees, one of Solitary bees and 3 cases of well established honey bee colonies.

But often the Hobbyist with similar bees will find a prolific honey flow in summer is followed by colony loss in winter.

It seems that we need to explain the problem better.

Here is a challenge to beekeepers: come up with a pithy 3 or 4 line ditty that is a social comment on the dependency culture of modern GB.