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If we appreciate what God can do for us, it is crazy not to stay in touch. When we pray, of course, we are not pointing out anything new to God. Not because He wants that to happen, but because He wants us to have independence – even at the risk of it being misused.

We may suffer the consequences, but it keeps our independence intact. There is an extremely large and unsightly pothole in front of your house.

And if He already knows what we want, why is prayer necessary in the first place? In fact, part of genuine love for your children is to allow them to branch out on their own, to be independent.

The Infinite Love Even those who stay far from a synagogue intuit the existence of God. If we were just robots, mechanically following every instruction, the world might be neat and tidy.

My only choice was to either smash into the side of the mountain, or to go off the cliff. I was gently tossed off my bike into a hedge of bushes. So you see, God does miracles for me." Don't wait for God to push you off a cliff and catch you. God's answer – whether yes or no – always tells you something important about yourself. Tool #5: Make An Effort Prayer is not an escape from personal effort or responsibility. But after reading the article, it doesn't matter so much that there was no answer, what matters is that I kept praying and perhaps what I think is the best answer, is not. I'm going through a lot and just needed God to be here. What did that do except make me tied down to doctor visits, relying on my husband to drive me, taking away my ability to go when I want and not when my husand wants. He doesn't want me to call since it is always a bad time. And thanks to my not being able to work, I do not have the money to go and visit my son in Israel. this is my boyfriends first time ever being in trouble with the police and I been praying every since he got in there that he gets to come home he goes to court tomorrow to find out if he gets to come home im praying so hard that they let him off with a warning since this his first time in jail god I believe in u and I trust in you please answer my prayers and just let him come home tomorrow I promise to keep him out of trouble and help him get his life right. I thought my prayer was answered I was working 2 ft jobs, and now it seems i've failed at one. I wanna say thank you so much im only 13 but i understand y i thought god was ignoring me. people like me not ask for this life or to be born (If we did in a previous life , then in this life we do not know) I have hit rock bottom I begged and pleaded with god I thought about suiside.