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I'm in Philadelphia, so I wouldn't be competitng against you. A stripper is NOT the same as a physical fitness instructor unless you also equate a drug dealer to a pharmacist. Certainly there are some similarities but hardly enough or of the type that make them "the same thing".

Being a stripper is not now and probably never will be thought of as not that big a deal so that will have to be accepted by those making that choice.

Being in the adult business, you get people telling you that it's bad... To me, we live in a open and free society and we make the choices we live by.

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This "profession" probably will never be accepted as "just another job" and try as you might you'll not change that.

If you've been at this long enough surely you know that by now.

hmmmm, we all know about the night life, don't we... So, dating an exotic dancer in my books is 100% awesome, and lets not judge people with the choices they make in life!!!!!! another ignorant know-it-allthank you so much for this thread, OP. have fun way up there, n good luck w the business!!

And what about the people out there who meet eachother the first night and do it without a condom? Ive dated a few and most of the ones here in my town can be nice,but I have yet to meet one that wasn't mentally FUBAR ed or didn't have a serious drug problem. I live in a town that frowns upon adult entertainment and would really like to pretend it doesn't exist. She was awsome and smarter than some of these ladies who act all smug. A woman who dances is no different than someone who teaches physical fitness.

One of the characters wrote poetry but couldn't get the weekend off to go to poetry events.