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However prior to their immigrations to this region they were concentrated in the Marwat plains shared by both Marwats and Niazis.

Marwat and Niazis, both are Lodi Pathans and thus share common ancestry.

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The No.1 Fighter Conversion Unit of the PAF is stationed here.

There is also a railway connecting the city with Kundian and Multan to the south and Attock and Rawalpindi to the north.

The son is said to have exhibited supernatural powers from an early age and many miraculous deeds are ascribed to him.

His name is frequently taken as an oath , and his shrine is not uncommonly the scene of settlement of civil disputes, in which one party has bound himself to abide by any statement made at shrine by the other party.

Then Niazi immigrations continued across the Indus into the Mianwali area where they established and became the main dominating tribe.