Adult meeting sites that take american express - Facebook friending etiquette dating

Sure, they probably assume that you’re drunkenly snorting cocaine off an impoverished hooker’s stomach, but it’s still better if they don’t see photographic proof of this.

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Cambodian women don’t have money to do interesting things.

And because of their difficult upbringings, they don’t have a lot of hobbies.

So, Cambodian women don’t use Facebook to post about activities and things they are doing. But on Facebook, these same young Cambodian women are a bunch of headache-having, stomach-aching, heartbroken, lonely, suicidal attention-seekers. You don’t have to “friend” Cambodian women because they have no privacy filters anyway.

I’d say that 90% of their Facebook updates are sad comments about their miserable lives. In my previous article, I pointed out that Facebook is a good way to investigate a Cambodian woman’s life history and suitability for marriage.

Most of them have their Facebook profiles set to “public,” so that everyone with internet access can see their photos and read their mopey status updates. If you meet a Cambodian woman who interests you, ask for her Facebook handle.