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Die With Me appears to be pretty barebones in terms of functionality, which makes sense because the last thing you want when your phone's dying is a million features to choose from.

You’re confused by a frankly really questionable descision your crush made, I’m bawling like a baby because a literal supermodel won’t date me-we’re really messed up, huh? Angry, heartbroken and unable to write his last book, no even his best friend knew how to get to him. She told him she was Marinette, one of the characters of his book. The paranormals of each realm are out of control and wild. It makes things even more complicated when you LIVE with him.

So it wasn't a surprise when, after a way to public break up, he shut the world out. One Miraculi of the two realms is where they do not belong. While they go through the contents of this “secret treasure” Adrien spins a tale of a brave girl he once knew. A Marinette/Ladybug Appreciation Week connected story. Its hard to keep pining for the same guy for years.

The channel's ID can be retrieved through the API method.