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want to get married—it's just Gosling who's holding things up.

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Mendes, who turned 42 in 2016, has seven years on Gosling, which may also be hindering the couple's decision to get married.

If anything, her maternal clock could be ticking louder than those wedding bells, which would make total sense, considering she's now pregnant with her second child.

The same thing happened in 2014, when tabloids speculated Gosling and Mendes were on the rocks because Mendes had yet to visit Gosling on the set of a movie he was filming in Atlanta. "The last thing they'd do is bring a baby, who's barely 3 months old, to a film set teeming with paparazzi.

Ryan specifically wanted it like this—with paps following him in Atlanta, they're mostly leaving Eva and the baby alone," sources told .

On the flip side, the couple's age difference could be forcing Mendes to take things a little more slowly.