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[...] 3) Edit the file (it is located into the directory where you installed eclipse) by adding the following two lines, immediately after the "-vmargs" line $ more -showsplash org.eclipse.platform -framework plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.4.3.

Earlier today I was committing some changes to a local Subversion repository running on a PC when Windows decided it was too busy to co-operate and told me that it was “Not Responding” (which is not unusual).

Svn at org.core.javahl17.

If you are running Ubuntu 8.04 and you install Eclipse 3.4 with subclipse 1.4, you will probably get the "unable to load default svn client" error when trying to add a repository. I assume that you have the 'subversion' and 'libsvn-java' packages already installed (if not, please do install them, and then follow the instructions).

After some debugging, I noticed that my custom gnome launch icon was specifying "-vmargs" on the command line itself, which was rendering the vmargs from useless.