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Note to Quicken Canada users: Do not download the patch or Mondo Patch files in the above links. Instead, scroll down the webpage to the Quicken Canada section and download that file. I run the suggested Patch and was able to proceed with Quicken H&B 2015 installation, but now Quicken asks for registration, in a screen with my address info and answering a question "where did you buy Qucken? I fill up my inforation BUT "NEXT button" stays grey unable to click and proceed to conclude the Quicken installation. I got this message after a fresh install on my laptop.

This will replace any Quicken software modules with a known consistent release level and, hopefully, eliminate any software corruption or errors during installation as a cause of this issue.

what do I do next I have followed every direction on the internet and I am going crazy at this point I have been using Quicken for twenty years and never had so many problems. Like a lot of other people, I have been using Q since 1990.

I'm tired of Intuit not understanding our problems. I guess we can't complain about Intuit even though we still need to have a Intuit ID & password to get anywhere. I have Quicken 2016 (Canadian addition) for Windows 10.

Still unable to update as it fails to remove existing directory. Always updating plugins from either WP administration plugins and/or update pages.