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Also, this tells us that naysaying about premiums going up for the young are “overblown” because of cost-control mechanisms built into the law. Even HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius admits that “some of the older customers may see a slight decline, and some of the younger ones are going to see a slight increase.” Or, not so slight.

According to a survey by the By the way, I should note that the American Action Forum (hmmm, smell the Astro Turf, people!

Here are answers to some common questions about what employers can and cannot do with regard to flu shots for employees, as well as our recommendations for some best practices.

Q: As an employer, can I require that my employees get flu shots? Employers can make flu shots mandatory for employees.

They are uninsured at higher rates than any other age group and face a job market less likely to provide health benefits than the one their older siblings and parents entered in their 20s.