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It is also purposed, at no very distant' period, to continue the Index which has already been published firom 1837 to 1855, firom the latter period, this Index having been found especially useful. Bokn 1850 Cnnall, 12ino, 4s— with Tfgnettea, 12mo, 12s Bivington 1846 &«baftk Pkpeia, edited h]r Elis. G.) Geraldine, a Tale of Conscience, 12mo, 8s 6(i Dolman 1838 ...^ Tales Explanatory of the Sacraments, 2 v. 8vo, 5s Groombridge ...rt6o Jewish Faith, its Consolation, Ac, fcap. Svo, 5s Chapman ds B.i S6% Crichton, 8vo, 18«, Tegg, 1849 ; fp. 8to, Is ed ; l Uus L 8vo, 8« and 6« Boui Udge ...i84x-6a Jack Sheppard, 8 t. 8yo, la Shav ASons ...1862 Alaooqoe (ifarjy) Life of, 2 yols. Bichardson.t^^o AUddin, and Sinbad th« Sailor, Tales, 18mo, la, Addey, 1853 ; Aladdin, 4to, 3a ... post Svo, 48el 1858 ■ (And,) Ten Lectures Introductory to the Study of Fever, er. Archippoa ; oar, the Christian Ministry, by Pastor Bmeritus, post 8yo, 6« Juddds Glo M... AJSarkt T\ Engineering, and Mechanical Drawing Book, fol.; letterpress, 12mo, 16 Bhetoric, translated by Hobbes, with Questions, 12mo, fia H. JJ*arker\ with Notes, by a Giadnate, 12mo, 8a Wki Uaker . Eyre Birth of the War-God, a Poem, from the Sanscrit of Ealidasa, 8to, Zs Al Un A Co...

It has been often said, that an Englishman will sacrifice everything to an idea; and were it not that the Editor is fortified on all sides by assurances he receives of the great need of the Dates, he would, upon considering what the present work has cost him, be filled with anxiety, lest it, too, should prove a sacrifice for an idea. 12mo, Ts Dolman 1846 ■ Tonng Communicants, 18mn, 2s Dolman 1840 ^— {B. 8vo, 9s Groombridge ...i S^6 • Mother's Recompense, a Tale, new edit., fcap. 8to, Is 6d ; Illustrated, 8to, 5s Bout Udge 1854 Flitch of Bacon, 12mo, 5«, 1854; fcap. 8vo, 25«, Ben Uey, 1830 ; Illust., 8vo, 8f and dt Bout Udge,.. J)ean 1861 1 5S35-1 8Ca ALANI ALEXANDER 1 ^ AUni Prioxis Oaataariensi B scriptse quse extant Caxt.... 8vo, 6a Churehi U 1861 (Cha.) Remarks on Church Architecture, 1 2mo, 6a Bwm* 1841 (Caria.) Annals of English Bible, 2 vols. Architect (The) and Builder's Office Book, 12mo, 3a 6d J. Arehitectora Gmonica ; Canons of Church Architecture, 12mo, fi« Rivingtim Architectural Antiquities in Neighbourhood of Oxford, 8to, 18* J. Parker Description of St Leonardos Church, Kirkstead , f ol. • Analyses and Questions, by Paul, 12mo, 5a Wkittaker . Bohn IWwlej (/o Jb) Decimal Interest Tables, 5 per Cent., Svo, 21s .• Longman li^^ber (Iftss) Early Musings: Sacred and other Poems, pobt 8to, 5s Hope 1^7 Hossein and Hers, Turkish Grammar, 12mo, 5s Allen A Co. Biztiiday Gift for Boys and Girls, 16mo, 5s Darton and Priendahip's Offering, 12mo, 4s 6d Routledge ... W.) French Interpreter, new edit., oblong, 6« 6d Hodgson 1841 Bb^ (Jf.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired.