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UK Radio 1 DJ Grooverider was sentenced to four years in Dubai for possession of cannabis.The DJ - real name Raymond Bingham - was arrested at the city's airport on November 23 after flying in for a nightclub gig.

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Customs officials found 2.16 grams of cannabis in his luggage. Possession of painkillers like codeine and some cold and flu medication could result in a mandatory four-year prison sentence, eg.

Tracy Wilkinson was held in custody for eight weeks before customs officers accepted the codeine she was carrying had been prescribed by her doctor for back pains. As per Drug laws , "What many travelers may not realize is that they can be deemed to be in possession of such banned substances if they can be detected in their urine or bloodstream, or even in tiny, trace amounts on their person." Eg.

She was charged four days later on three counts, including having sex outside marriage. As certain chemicals and drugs are banned in UAE, it is essential to check and ensure that the medicines which someone is carrying does not contain a banned or restricted substance.

As per Dubai law the rapist is only punished by law if there are four adult male witnesses to the crime of rape. List of drugs and medicines banned in UAE are available on the website:

All three had pleaded not guilty to charges of possessing and intending to sell illegal drugs and said police had subjected them to beatings and threatened them with guns UAE Judge Ali Attiyah Saad found the three Britons guilty in Dubai Criminal Court and sentenced them to four years in jail each.48-Updated on Saturday, July 20, 2013The 25-year-old a young Norwegian woman Marte Deborah Dalelv was on a business trip in Dubai when she was raped.