Dirty chat lines in perth

Dirty chat lines in perth-60

Captured on a CCTV camera, former policeman Gerard Lynch returns to his cosy cottage in the Welsh countryside to find the police at his door.

The ex-cop and Irish TV presenter was convicted this week of making indecent photos of children and possessing extreme pornography.

Ms Elliot said: “Whoever decided he could walk free does not understand the kind of danger this man poses to children.” She warned that offenders keep in touch with other perverts using e-mail accounts. “The reality is that the police do not have enough resources to watch a guy like this.” She added: “The only way to deal with him is to lock him up and throw away the key as far as I am concerned.” Nabbed: the moment pervert ex-cop was caught in sleepy Welsh village May 2011 IN a garden on one side of Gerard Lynch’s home is a child’s swing.

THIS is the moment a convicted paedophile knew the game was up – again.

One said: “First Great Western will say that he lied and there was nothing that they could do.