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Two teams of two contestants competed in a game of guessing five letter words & making bingo or in this case, "lingo".

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When pulled out, the team was credited with the prize and got a free draw.

When the show started, there were three prize balls; pulling out one ball was worth $250 in traveler's checks, pulling out another also played for a trip, and there was also one special ball called the jackpot ball, which played for a Lingo Jackpot which started at $1,000 and grew by $500 for every game in which the jackpot was not won.

When stealing, a free letter was given (in this version it was referred to as a "clue letter"), but if there was only one blank space left, no free letter was given, but the team did get a five second conference (conferring was generally not allowed except in this situation).

Once the word was guessed, the team who solved that word won it; and if the team in control guessed the word on the first try, they won $1,000.

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