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Make further connections between these qualities and her view of herself and her personality – there are too many possibilities to list them all. The flowers represent her friends – are they abundant and close, few and far away, etc? (One good joke here is to mention that someone else you did it for come up with a unicorn: that is, her real partner was a fantasy creature.). Are they overwhelming or rather small and pleasant? Remember that the purpose of a routine like the cube or a tarot reading isn’t so much the read itself as it is the connection and vibe you create while delivering it.

Style is a master of this routine, and I encourage you to google to find a video of style delivering it (there’s at least one excellent example on youtube of him delivering and teaching it) and notice how he connects with his target, and how he teases the target and keeps it playful.

For example, if you are talking about an ex, and you describe her negatively, what is that saying about you?

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Dhv dating

Girls tend to really enjoy that kind of stuff, but they will sense if you are faking. People are very self-conscious about their singing). You tell the girl to envision a cube, and describe it. Then have her add a ladder to the mental image, and describe it. Say, “So I have this little personality test I like to do. As added bonus, you’ll always learn a tremendous amount about the target while doing these.

Obviously you can’t take a guitar to a club, but if you’re in a place with a piano and know how to play, that’s gold! They work really well once you’ve spent 10-15 minutes with a target, and she’s interested in getting to know you better. When a girl does something clever, you reward her by telling her that she just entered the “Pen 15” club, and you write “Pen 15” on her hand with a ballpoint pen.

Put some of these tools in your routine stack, and watch what happens to your results.

Learn from several DHV routines in Revelations, a guide by Venusian

It’s also worthwhile to have a couple of silly or . Then you wait to see how long it takes for her to realize you just wrote something that basically looks like “Penis” on her hand. ” and finally you’ll look at her funny, and point out that this mouse is deaf.