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J-14: Which song was the most important for you to play at that show?

Alex: I really enjoyed playing "Jasey Rae." It's one of our older songs but it translates to acoustic well.

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I think people really appreciate the lyrics and the sentiment of that song, so I'm glad that we got to squeeze it in there.

J-14: How did One Tree Hill's Kate Voegele get involved with singing on "Remembering Sunday? I wanted to do "Remembering Sunday," and I said is there anyone that we can get to come in and do that part, and she was the first person who came to mind.

I've given it all to you I wish you would return the favor [Verse 2] Did you forget what I said Trainwreck, here we, here we go again Derailed, did I fail to mention I put it on the line Whether you and me could ever be We'll never see, no 'Cause you keep the lights off We only do it in the dark Won't you let me know?

I've given it all to you I wish you would return the favor [Bridge] Are you gonna throw it all away?

Alex Gaskarth: Fist of all, Unplugged is legendary -- Nirvana's played it, and all kinds of amazing bands that I consider legendary.