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Method 2: Tell Windows to Boot directly from the device: Swipe from the right, choose "settings", click "Change PC Settings", Click "Update and Recovery", click "Recovery", Under Advanced Startup, click "restart now", wait a bit then you should have a button to click called "Use a device" Choose your recovery drive, and you will reboot directly into the recovery drive.

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These guides assume Windows 8.1, and a Dell Venue 8 Pro, but is applicable to all windows 8.1 devices (such as Surface and Vivotab Note 8) PLEASE DISABLE DISK ENCRYPTION BEFORE TRYING ANY REFRESH OR RESET PROCEDURES TO AVOID ANY TROUBLE.

Necessary Tools: 1 8GB or larger USB thumb drive 1 OTG cable Other Tools you might need (not required for all procedures): External Hard Drive (for system images) USB HUB (Powered if possible) microsd card USB Keyboard This procedure is mandatory for all the other procedures.

Go ahead, install linux, delete all your partition, or get some crazy virus.... In this procedure we will -Boot from the recovery drive -Remove all the partitions on the computer (so windows can recreate the recovery partition.) -Reset the device Note: This procedure will delete all your files, so be sure to create backups of anything you need before hand.

Step B1: Insert your OTG cable and your Recovery Drive you created in "Procedure A".

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back up recovery partition "Here’s how: NOTE: Make sure you have at least 50% of your battery left for this process.