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Hostilities have kept apart many families who were separated when majority-Hindu India and majority-Muslim Pakistan became separate countries in 1947.The neighbours have fought three wars since the partition.It culminates in a trial through which the town realizes that he could hear the entire time.

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In addition to its national deaf organization, the Asociacion Mexicana de Sordos, Mexico has a network of deaf organizations. Deaf mexicans do not lack for social opportunities, as evidenced by the listing of social organizations on the website

Athletic deaf Mexicans can join the sports organizations for the deaf listed on the website of

In August, an Indian lawyer filed an application with a Pakistani provincial court through local lawyers, asking that the court invoke a law that allows a judge "to compel restoration of abducted females".

Geeta's plight resonates with some on another level as well.

At times it appears that the author has moved on from this part of the story only to return again to the bonfire.