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And I loved seeing him get excited as I enjoyed and flattered him about his dick, which I'm sure he probably had some insecurity about. In my experience, weight gain reduces penis size (or at least the appearance of the penis size) by adding to the fat around the penis in the pubic area.

But kudos to you for supporting your husband, Maggie.it's true you never really know until it's excited.a grower myself.

Or stuffers - some of these guys seem to be trying a little too hard to get noticed by the paps Uncut guys tend to be showers, because their foreskin keeps their penis from retracting as much as a flaccid circumcised penis. With a circumcised penis, it's hard to predict the erect size.

I've never seen any proof that Dax Shephard is hung. Anyone, from celebrities who have actually shown the goods, the biggest hollywood dicks I've seen are Liam Neeson and Omar Epps. Even if you chain smoked unfiltered Camels and drank Formaldehyde and sold your soul to the Dark Prince repeatedly I don't you could age as badly as he has in just 150 or so years...

Maybe we should just take it on faith - because an anonymous poster (who may or may not be Peter Sarsgaard) says he's huge. His cock is so big that George Clooney joked about it when he won a Golden Globe for The Descendants (Fassbender was his co-nominee that year for Shame, in which he presented his juicy cock). He once hooked up with Janice Dickinson, and she's always said that when he unzipped his pants, an Evian water bottle popped out.