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The essential quality of sin that we recognize as “evil” is that it represents a nature utterly devoid of goodness, beauty, and meaning—devoid of God. They glorify God, though in a passive way They show the hand of a Brilliant Intelligence in their great diversity and excellent design.Because of The Fall, mankind is the middle-child of creation; his natures are both animal and divine. Yet an animal is constrained by nature to survive merely— providing for itself what is needed by means of the abilities inherent to it by instinct.The one glorifies God and the other, the self; the latter of which by gradations becomes manifests in ever darker, more sinister forms.

Man on the other hand, as a creature vested with reason, is able to perceive effects and their causes, to plan ahead and speculate.

By means of his soul he is able to apprehend things of a higher nature than those available to him merely through reason, that is, the ability to organize and explain phenomena as it is revealed through sense-perception. It is by means of the soul that he is aware of God the Father and is able to commune with him. As this middle-being, man is ever torn between the soul and the appetites.

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Since that time man has had a choice: to choose God or not.