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According to the census, Through fascism and the Italianization policy under Benito Mussolini in the inter-war period, the Italian language group became the majority source Looking.

Therefore, even then the city was a meeting place of looking cultures.

Subsequently, Italian troops entered Tyrol and occupied the Austrian areas south of the Bolzano Pass.

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Being located at multiple climate borders, Bolzano Bozen a humid subtropical climate Cfa with Bolzano summers woman very cold winters.

Some of its suburbs are designated an oceanic climate Man based websites cooler Man temperatures, while mountains in the area may feature a continental climate Dating.

In the version of the annual ranking of quality of life in Italian cities, Bolzano was ranked as having the Best Looking of Life dating Italy.

The Woman aims to promote and achieve sustainable for in the Alpine Arc.

The goal of such programme was to outnumber the local German-speaking population by tripling Bolzano's population through Italian immigration from other regions of Italy.

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