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A genuine antique compass with a traditional design, it's in full working order including a transit lock activated by lid closure.

This elegant brass cased explorer’s style compass with a separate push fit lid dates to the second half of the 19th century and is signed 'H.

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All in good working order, including an automatic transit lock when lid closed, it measures 45mm in diameter.

An impressive Georgian mahogany cased pocket compass measuring 80mm square with an attractive paper dial of a particularly early design, it dates to the first quarter of the 19th century circa 1820.

Complimented by the small hand made hinges & fastened with an elegant 7 shaped brass clasp, the paper compass rose is divided into degrees showing all the points of the compass with a fleur de lys for North, & despite some minor age foxing is in relatively clean condition for a compass which is close to 200 years old.

Although the shapely steel needle has some oxidisation which is not surprising for a compass of this age, the engraved N & S is still just visible and sits under the original glass crystal which is free of any damage.

Although not signed by any maker, it was probably made by Francis Barker in the pre WW2 period, and is the MK VII version which was the last model of the hunter cased pocket watch style designs that were developed during WW1 for British Army Officers.