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A report was quickly relayed to Scotland Yard where the detective leading the investigation, Inspector Dew, made arrangements for passage on the fastest ship available to give chase and apprehend the fleeing suspects.The ship he boarded was the SS Laurentic and because of its speed compared to that of the old ship Montrose, he arrived at the entrance of the Fort Lawrence River three days ahead of its arrival.

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‘Inventur—Art in Germany, 1943–55’ at Harvard Art Museums (9 February–3 June), is a no-frills, tough exhibition.

Its title is taken from a Günter Eich poem written in 1945, the word ‘inventur’ meaning inventory or stocktaking, both physical and moral.

It was 14,892 tons, with a length of 550 feet and a beam of 67 feet.

It was powered by two, four-cylinder triple expansion steam turbine engines driving three propellers, giving it a top speed of 18.5 knots, capable of outrunning any submarine.

The United States Institute of Museum and Library Services tries valiantly to count how many museums there are across the country.