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Could be just some old local fisherman with too much time on his hands. Whoever chose this rock no way was it getting moved it was made to stay.

The small rocks you see below a man would be hard pressed to move.

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The runes forsalu = “for the soul (of)” are seen in the band right after the sword pierces the dragon’s/snake’s body, in the same place as on the original.

There is no doubt that the inscriptions is a fairly modern reproduction of the Ramsund inscription from Sweden. Knirk Professor, the Runic Archives Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo The Stone on the beach looks very authentic when you compare the two images.

Could have been written the same time as the Oak Islands Stone.

The Oak Island (Treasure Island) is not far from here. Well the stone was just found a few months ago and as far as I know nobody from the University came around.

Sigurd himself is under that snake/dragon-band and drives his sword through the band.