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Any reasonable person can see that this cannot continue.

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While the Guild typically keeps negotiations confidential, BCI’s refusal to move off its draconian proposal has forced us to go public.

Among the many lowlights in BCI’s proposal: • Allowing the company the unilateral right to determine the number of hours in a Guild member’s work week, meaning it could be none (all members are currently guaranteed 40 hours a week).

It is believed the last byline strike at the PG was in the early 1980s.

Since the Guild contract expired March 31, 2017, and during the byline strike which is ending, PG journalists continued to do their jobs with the talent, passion and professionalism they bring to their jobs 365 days a year.

28, 2018, the four-day byline strike at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by the 150 members of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh will cease after successfully alerting the public of contentious contract talks that threaten the operation of the 231-year-old Pittsburgh institution.