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Trump Co-Wrote Draft Letter Opening Clinton Email Probe.Aired 8-9P ET • Pro-Trump and Anti-Trump Weighs on SOTU; Confusing Nunes Memo to be Unleashed to the Public.

• White House Defends President Trump Amid Porter Scandal; Central Park Five Exonerees Slam President Trump for "Due Process" Hypocrisy; White House Blames FBI For Lack Of Security Clearances; Dems Blast WH for Failing to Release Nunes Memo Rebuttal Now; Pres.

Trump: Up To Dems If They Want DACA Legislation to Succeed; GOP Immigration Plan.

Trump: "Let's Have A Shutdown" If No Deal on Immigration; Sen. President"; WH: Pres Trump Was Joking When He Accused Democrats of Treason; Biden on Whether Pres.

Trump Should Talk to Mueller; Biden: I'd Advise Pres.

Aired 8-9p ET • White House Defends President Trump Amid Porter Scandal; White House Blames FBI for Lack of Security Clearances; Wash Post: Porter's Ex-Wife Dismayed by White House Response; Pres.