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Jim Burns was a very unusual character, His collaborators remember him as not particularly technically-minded. Burns’ jazz guitars comprised 2 instruments with Fender-influenced styling but with their own character and a different sound, while the Short Scale Jazz Guitar (1962-65) Was a decent and affordable item with the famous Tri-Sonic pickups.It was followed by the more popular Jazz Split Sound (1962-65), with its famous ‘Wild Dog’ setting.This was one of the most popular Burns guitars of its time and tends to generate strong nostalgia among English guitarists who were there in the ‘60s.

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This also announced that a Standard Scale and a Bass guitar would soon be available, but whether either actually appeared is debatable, as apparently next to no Supersound instruments have been sighted over the past 50 years.

The Burns Book ( now itself, a Collectors item), concluded that their style and construction confirmed the direct involvement of Jim Burns, an important, but hitherto virtually unknown chapter in UK guitar-making history. They included, among others, Les Andrews (in charge of the handwork), Norman Houlder (in charge of the machine shop), Jack Golder (factory manager), Edward Cross (supplier of plastic parts and hardware), Derek Adams (pioneer of the original renowned Burns polyester finish), and Ike lsaacs (the jazz player, who added a professional player’s opinion to guitar development).

Although released in 1970 it was not until March 1972 that the album’s single “Layla” (a tale of unrequited love inspired by Clapton’s relationship with his friend George Harrison’s wife, Pattie Boyd Harrison) would make the top ten in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

The album, which has received praise from both critics and fans alike, is often considered to be the defining achievement of Clapton’s career.

This historic instrument (of “less than 20“) is almost certainly the guitar advertised for sale by Chas E Foote of Golden Square, London W.1 on 10th January 1959 at 49 Gns.