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In that context, the 70 years of Davidic King “trampling” and the 70 years of exile manifest, while retaining the full 607 BCE significance, with some added benefits to be covered here.

The “seven times” is thus marked by BOTH the Gentile domination beginning with Nebuchadnezzar’s marked ascension, AND Jerusalem’s divine king subjugation, concurrently established.

The Jerusalem and Temple destruction have their own “70 year” significance to arrive from 586 BCE to 515-516 BCE for the temple completion; 5.

The “seven times” of 2520 years to 1914 CE is maintained, with extra emphasis.

Instead, the eventual climax of the Jerusalem destruction event became the main focus.

And that 607 BCE magnetism drew in everything around it to 607’s centric gravitational nucleus of all Jehovah’s witness chronology timing from then to the past.

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