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He had married one Katherine Pack, whose death-bed—or rather the white waxen thing which lay upon that bed—is the very earliest recollection of my life.

Her near relative—uncle, I think—was Sir Denis Pack, who led the Scottish brigade at Waterloo.

B." made a great reputation in London from about 1825 to 1850.

He came from Dublin about the year 1815 and may be said to be the father of polite caricature, for in the old days satire took the brutal shape of making the object grotesque in features and figure. My grandfather was a gentleman, drawing gentlemen for gentlemen, and the satire lay in the wit of the picture and not in the mis-drawing of faces.

When last I visited it, it seemed to have degenerated, but at that time the flats were of good repute.

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    It […] Whether you’re single, dating or paired up, we’re here to help with our top picks for Christmas gifts from the heart, in our last minute gift guide special.

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