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In line with its long history as a road safety advocate, and on behalf of 54 million members and the American public, AAA stepped in to shed light on a new concern: cognitive distraction.

AAA’s public outreach secured more than 320 million media impressions and successfully influenced the media’s discussion on driver distraction.

Now imagine announcing such a move for a Fortune 300 company with more than 26,000 employees.

Hertz faced this challenge in May 2013 when it planned to announce it was relocating its corporate headquarters from New Jersey to Florida.

Erected in Annapolis, the monument honors the ordinary folks who brought international attention the civil rights struggle for African Americans.

The pro bono Public Relations program conducted by Image Power, Inc., reached out to attendees of the March; raised funds for the commission of the memorial; coordinated the unveiling and publicized the event to local, state and national media.

Clorox joined the conversation on mess, inserted its products as solutions and made mess fun.