Dating game bloopers

In case you need reminding that the villains, schemers and cold-blooded killers of Game of Thrones are human after all, HBO have released a new season four blooper reel showing the above – plus the Red Viper, Worm, and Jamie the Kingslayer – fluffing their lines, cracking up and falling down stairs.

Even the terrifying Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) isn't immune.

She soon found out why it didn’t come to her: one of the couples routinely referred to her as “Carrie, the ______” (use your imagination here and fill in a derogatory term).

Online dating blooper #3: Forwarding a thread of destruction Not unrelated to my own little disaster above, here is another case of premature forwarding. Her boyfriend wasn’t very interested in the details, so he left most of the communication to her.

Threads are handy little pieces of evidence when it comes to carrying on a conversation and giving the reader some background into a situation. Carrie received an email he forwarded that had come from one of his buddies about the party.

If you don’t understand the email, scroll to read the thread that came before and you’ll get the whole picture. It had a long thread from this guy’s girlfriend and the other couple.

Carrie scrolled down because she was curious to figure out why they hadn’t included her in the previous email.

Humor is definitely an important element to a relationship, but you just never know when someone’s funny bone might break.