Dating frugal woman renee zellweger and jim carrey dating

Or is there another, less drastic, solution I can implement? I suspect you already read there, but if not, I’m sure you’d enjoy hanging out on Mr. There are lots of high-earning, frugal-minded people over there who are anxious to retire early.

(And maybe you’ll bump into some singles over there!

) Once you’ve rearranged your priorities a bit to make room for a romantic relationship, I do think you should look for someone who has somewhat similar financial priorities. You should look for someone who eschews debt, values saving, and wants to live simply, but I think you should be open to a little variance from a carbon copy of you.

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I know that’s surprising coming from someone as frugal as me, but I think you should consider revamping your priorities a little bit in order to make room for some other fulfilling things.

The thing is, if your primary purpose in life is to save money, I’m not sure you’ll be able to have a successful romantic relationship or be a good parent or friend.

"Nothing says I'm keeping our dates casual—and you in the friend zone—more than repetitive coffee dates," says author and columnist Dave Singleton.

"He needs to choose date spots that show he's got imagination, not just load you up on caffeine."2. Splitting an appetizer or a dessert can be romantic, but the main dish?

My inexperienced thought, though, is that you could try hanging out where frugal people hang out (a library book club/a swap party/ an investing class vs. I’d definitely also give online dating a try, because there you can specify that you’re looking for someone with similar financial goals.