Dating for scientists

The vehicle rolled over several times before landing in the median. He had complained of a headache, but the cause of death was not immediately known. Chris Mathews, director of the UC San Diego Medical Center's Owen Clinic, teaching African medical personnel about the prevention and treatment of AIDS.

While driving south on I-75 his pickup truck went off the freeway near a bridge over the Kawkawlin River. The driver was described as a short Hispanic man in his 50s with a slightly rounded face. The senior adviser on biological weapons to the UN biological weapons inspections teams (Unscom) from 1994 to 1999, he was also, in the opinion of his peers, pre-eminent in his field, not only in this country, but in the world. UC San Diego expert on infectious diseases and, since September 11, 2001 a consultant on bioterrorism.

However, because of close daily contact with SARS patients, he contracted the infection. A 24-year-old Russian surgeon studying in Connecticut was fatally struck by a car as he fled a store with three stolen rolls of film, police said. Doctors who worked with Roman Kuzmin at Waterbury Hospital said they were stunned to hear of his death Sunday evening and many couldn't believe the circumstances. Flu" for his expertise in treating influenza, and expertise on bioterrorism.

On March 11, he was admitted to a hospital in Bangkok and isolated. He was a dedicated and internationally respected Italian epidemiologist, who did work of enduring value combating infectious illness around the world. Kuzmin left Vladivostok in September to study orthopedic surgical techniques at Waterbury Hospital under a Keggi Othopedic Foundation program. Kristaps Keggi, who organized the program, said Kuzmin was "very able, very bright - a superb student and a superb individual." , age 63. One of the country's leading infectious disease and bioterrorism experts and was associate dean at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Mostow was one of the country's leading infectious disease experts., 38, who then apparently shot himself. Her research focused on the part of the human molecular structure that could be affected best by medicine. Found in the street near the laboratory where he worked at the University of Miami Medical School. Que's friends and family there is firm belief that Dr.

The home had been cleaned up and the body removed without any public notices of his death or existence.