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I’ve seen talk online that the tweed version of this amp was a ‘limited edition’ release, but this was not stated either in the review, or in any official or dealer adverts I’ve managed to find.

So as far as I’m aware the ‘limited edition’ designation has only arisen because Fender stopped producing the tweed model in favour of a plain black finish, most probably to keep down the cost.

Once wider commerce began to associate its products with authentic blues in TV ad campaigns, it was clear the blues movement had considerable earning potential.

The association between Fender’s tweed-covered amps (in particular the Bassman – originally a bass amp but adopted by lead guitarists) and authentic blues was very strong.

The NOS Blues Junior is a current production, lacquered tweed amp with a Jensen reissue C12N speaker. There’s nothing limited about the edition; they built a bunch and when they ran out, they built another bunch.